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Living Stewardly
Stewardship is the faithful management of all that God has entrusted to us so that creation and all who live in it may flourish. It involves understanding that everything we have is a gift from God and we are called to 'steward' it in ways that please Him and bring Him glory. More practically, to ask the question: “How can my whole life show that Jesus is my Lord?”
Covenant’s Deacons work to encourage our congregation to live this out daily. 
As part of the Covenant community, sharing our financial resources is a way we give our thanks to God for how He provides. 
Supporting our Local Budget
Covenant Church has a variety of ministries that aim to love and serve our church, our local community, and even far beyond that. Our church budget includes things like our youth ministries and other faith formation ministries, pastoral care, worship, and outreach. It also pays for the upkeep of our facilities and staffing. 
As part of God’s family, we ‘covenant’ together (promise) to support our local budget as well as ministries outside of our church walls. This includes the ministries of our Christian Reformed denomination that not only do work on behalf of our churches, but also resource them so they can do God’s work in their local contexts.
Weekly Offerings during Worship
Each Sunday our church has two offerings for a variety of ministries and organizations our church supports. These can also include our church’s local budget and our deacon’s Benevolence Fund. 
Information on the weekly offerings can be found in our church bulletin each week. You can also request a copy of our annual Offering Schedule from the church office.
On Sunday mornings, you may use the Covenant Cash Vouchers, Budget Envelopes, cheques, and/or cash and place it in the appropriate offering bag.  Or, there are other ways to give as well!
Other Ways to Give
Covenant offers a variety of ways to give to our local budget and to these special causes. Please ensure you note where you’d like your donation to go! All donations made through our church are eligible for a tax receipt. 
  • E-transfer to (Please mention what the donation is for in the “Message” section)
  • Mail in your donations to the church (Covenant CRC, P.O. Box 20100, St. Catharines, ON, L2M 7W7)
  • Put them in Carolyn’s church mailslot in the Fellowship Hall (please place in an envelope for security and your privacy)
  • Automatic monthly withdrawals from your bank account (sign up by emailing Carolyn at to set this up)
  • Post-dated cheques given to Carolyn or mailed in.
Need Help?
Please talk to Carolyn, the church administrator, for assistance! 905-937-3942 or
Questions? Want to find out more about Stewardship?
Contact our Church Administrator,  Carolyn at any time.