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Welcome to Covenant Church - Our services are every Sunday morning beginning at 10:00am. 

Sunday, February16, 2020 at 10:00am
Pastor Bob Loerts
Scripture: Luke 6:12-19
Message: “The Church on Mission: Solitude to Community to Mission”
“The Church on Mission“
“to be Christ’s family transforming lives and culture” This is the vision statement for what we do as Covenant Church. We know that Christ’s mission is to redeem the world. As his family he invites us to be partners in that work. Luke 10:1-12 sets the stage for us to understand what that means in this series as we are commanded to go. The story in Acts fills in what it looks like to be the church on mission. As this series proceeds we invite you to take time to pray about where you see the Spirit of God working and how he is calling you to step in to witness to Christ’s love, to tell why you follow Christ and to invite the people in your life to embrace Christ as the One who transforms us and our culture to his perfect design.